Grade 3 School Supplies:

Some items will be communal. These will be taken at beginning of year and used by whole class (tissue, hand sanitizer, glue…)

4- Glue sticks (large)
1- Pair of scissors
1- 30cm long Ruler
1- Box of pencil crayons
1- Box of wax crayons
8- Regular pencils (no mechanical pencils but regular pencils)
1- Fine tip black pen for labeling
1- Sketch book for drawing A4 size
2- 1 1/2 inch two ring binders
1- A4 notebooks with binding on side (only for grades 1-3)
1- Package of binder dividers (see picture below)
1- Plastic envelop that has a zip top for homework (A4 size)
2- Box of tissue
2- Erasers
1- Pencil case
1- Water bottle
1- Big, light backpack (big enough to fit A4 binders)
1- Bottle of hand sanitizer

binder dividers

  • Please make sure your child’s name is on all of their supplies!
    • Please label all uniform clothing in some manner so it is easily identifiable if lost and then..........easily returned.